Warning – Do Not Waste Money On Scams!

Every week I get messages and emails about new “wonder drugs'”or magic potions, spells and other crap that is supposed to fix your erection problems, or make your penis grow.

99% of these are complete rubbish and only designed for you to waste your time and money. It pisses me off to see how much BS is out there when it comes to a very serious problem that many men have.

Cynical marketers bombard us with messages of hope, and promises of rock-hard erections and massive penis growth. But nearly all of these new magical breakthroughs are complete crap!

The latest ones to hit us are emails written like grateful Testimonials by happy users of some new Guru, who goes by various names like Dr Aluku, Dr James, Dr Umubo – they call him a “Spell Caster” in most emails. In fact, the emails are so simlar I suspect they are written by a machine, or some poor guy or girl somewhere in outer Africa or Asia who doesn’t even know how to write or spell. It’s absolutely pathetic…

But the scary thing is – I know there’ll be hundreds if not thousands of desperate men out there who still be falling for these shit-scam-emails. Pardon the strong language, but this really gets me so angry!!!

Below I give you a couple of examples of these stupid emails, of course I have taken out the websites and email addresses they want you to contact, because I don’t want to give them even a shred of an opportunity that any of my readers visits their crap sites.

Have a look yourself how badly writen these are – and be warned, there are a ton of variations to these scams!














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