Refresher Injections

Hi Guys, I decided to add a new page because a lot of you are having PRP-Shots and are wondering about their “refresher” injections which you should have around the 9 or 12 month anniversary of your initial PRP shot.

Some of the common questions I get asked are:

Should you have it?

What is the right time frame, what if you don’t have it?

What if you take a longer break, like 2 or 3 years without a PRP shot?

I’ve had a string of really good conversations with one of you readers, let’s call him for reasons of Privacy “Joe X”. I believe this is going to be of great benefit for you to check this out, it may answer some of the questions you may have. Here are our email exchanges below, so read on:

Reader Joe X shares his story

11 April 2019 – Max writes:

Thanks Joe X, great to hear from you my friend!

I’m glad you had great success with it over the last year. It is totally ok to take another round of PRP injections after one year, in fact my specialist recommends I come every 9 months and naturally do follow his advice.

For me this works really well as I feel things dropping a tiny bit off after 7 or 8 months. However everyone is different and you’ll find your own way of what works best for you. I believe if you don’t take any PRP injections for 2 or 3 years you pretty much go back to square one – like what it used to be before you had any at all. Always remember this is a real physical improvement you are doing and it enhances and boosts your penis size, thickness, hardness in the most natural way possible – using your own blood, so you never have to suffer any side-effects.

Personally for me, I would not take a break from it. I know it is a bit expensive, but then if you take drugs like Viagra you will be paying quite a lot over a year as well, and you may have long term side effects – and you always have the annoying 1 hour to wait until it kicks in which is very unromantic for your partner.

It’s like setting a stop-watch and saying -“Ok Sweetheart, you go browse the internet or watch half a movie while I go do things in the shed or garage, and then we meet back here in the bedroom in an hour…”

Well mate if you know women a little bit – that WON’T WORK at all 🙂

What – I have to wait for an hour? Forget it!

I still believe strongly PRP Shot is the best solution, and if it works for you I would continue it.

Hope this helps my friend and best of luck with your refresher injections.

On 10/04/2019 9:03 PM, Joe X wrote:

\Max, Hope you are you doing good 🙂

It’s one year, I am doing great, still i want to go for a review.

They generally give 1  OR 2 PRP injections (just one session). ( If it is a first time we have to under go 3 to 5 sessions. each session 1 or 2 injections).

Any advice for my review PRP?

Is it OK to take PRP injection after every One year?

What happens if i don’t take PRP injection for about say 2 to 3 years  ?

Or What is the reasonable time gap between each PRP sessions?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Regards Joe X

On Fri, Mar 16, 2018 at 2:20 AM Max Denby <> wrote:

That is great news Joe X, I am very pleased for you.
This is a great result already, I’m very happy to hear that you have strong, hard and lasting erections. That’s what we want ey 🙂

Always a bit of a worry if you get junior staff doing a procedure that the Doctor is supposed to do – and I bet he didn’t charge you less!

take care, all the best


On 15/03/2018 8:22 PM, Joe X wrote:


Thank you very much. Actually they are giving 2 injections each PRP session. And the result is amazing.


Unbelievable – IT WORKS !

And one more thing is that – After the PRP injections, my penis stays erected and very hard for about two hours.

I could feel a little bit of pain as well. And at one spot (injected spot) exactly at base of the penis the light pain remains for more than a week. But that pain was manageable, but I was a little worried., because the doctor did not inject, one junior staff did the job.

Regards Joe X

On Thu, Mar 15, 2018 at 4:55 AM, Max Denby <> wrote

Hi Joe X,

I must say I’m a bit surprised at how many sessions in short period of time your doctor wants to do, I’ve never heard of that. Mine were 9 – 12 months apart, and you should get a result straight away after the first session.

However – the only way I could think this would make sense is if your doctor only does a few injections each time, like 1 or 2.

In my experience there are quite a number of injections done, at least 8. I have uploaded a video shows it clearly, you can watch it here:

You may want to ask your doctor how many injections he/she is going to put in each time.

I hope this helps, please let me know how it goes, I am always interested to find out how different treatments work.

All the best


On 15/03/2018 12:04 AM, Joe X wrote:


Thanks for your reply, I consulted one doctor who is doing PRP treatment for ED here in my State.

His advice is that we have to go for 3 or 5 PRP sessions with a gap of 30 days.

That means one injection every month for a duration of 3 months (or Five months )

What do you recommend?

Appreciate your comments.

Regards Joe X

On Thu, Mar 1, 2018 at 4:20 AM, Max Denby <> wrote:

Thanks Joe X, I appreciate your kind compliment.

I’m trying my best to help. If you ever have a question feel free to ask, I try my best to answer it or point you in the right direction.

Kind regards, Max

On 26/02/2018 11:01 PM, Joe X wrote:

From: Joe X >
Subject: Thanks

Message Body:
I Read all your answers,
Thanks for your time and effort.
Great help.

Joe X