Peyronie’s Disease and PRP-Shot? Does it help?

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I am 34 Yrs Old, and I have been suffering from Peyronies disease since March 2018.

Unfortunately, the condition became worse after my urologist injected me with a steroid injection, which has done nothing with pain but resulted in atrophy for half of my penis.

now, I lost about 1mm of girth and having unstable erections because of this atrophy.

I have seen another urologist who was surprised by this treatment (using the steroid injections!!) and he suggested six sessions of PRP. He said it should help removing my 12mm Plaque, and recover the lost girth from the steroid injection.

It has been two weeks now since I had my first PRP injection, and NO visible changes so far. I am pretty anxious if this is gone work and can’t wait for another two weeks for the second injection.

Do think that it will help regenerating the lost tissues and gain my girth and stable erections back?

Hi X,

thanks for writing in.

I appreciate you being so open with telling me the specifics of your situation.

First up – I deeply sympathize with you, what an upsetting situation you find yourself in! This must be extremely stressful, and cause you a lot of worry and anxiety.

Let me point out that I am not a medical doctor or professional healthcare specialist, I am purely a guy who’s been using PRP for several years successfully, and decided to helping out other men who are thinking of using PRP Shot for various conditions and problems.

So please don’t take my suggestions as being medical advice, I have no medical background or training.

Ok, so you wrote that you suffered from the Peyronies Disease since March 2018.

May I ask if there was a particular incident or accident that may have been the cause of it developing?

I’m sure the various doctors you have consulted will have asked you the same question.

Although most doctors don’t know exactly why Peyronies Disease happens, a lot of researches suggest that the fibrous plaque that is built up and causes it often starts after the penis has been hit or severely bent. The injury or strong bend may have caused internal bleeding inside the penis, and then this resulted in the plaque build-up which causes problems with pain, and erection problems of course.

Now if this was the case with you then to my thinking your current urologist may be on the right track.

The reason why I am saying that is because the PRP shot is a natural product made from your own blood, and what happens is the highly concentrated platelets may potentially encourage your body to heal the injury – if the plaque build-up is like a scar-tissue as a result of a blow or violent bend.

Now the reason why I am saying this is because of several experiences I have had with Platelet-Rich-Plasma injections, which were not given into my penis for stronger erections and a fuller penis – but to heal injuries.

I keep myself fit, and go to the gym 3 times a week. Now as you know, I am an older guy (I am turning 60 this year…), so the danger is always high to hurt myself sometimes while lifting weights.

And this I have done several times, lifting too heavy, or not warming up enough.

On 2 occasions in the last 5 years I hurt myself so bad, that I could not train at the gym any more, but what was worse – I could not lift anything with my right arm, I could not grip, i could not even turn or push down a door-knob – my right arm was basically useless.

I got physiotherapy, acupuncture, anti-inflammatory drugs – and also a steroid injection by my GP – nothing helped.

Then I went for my 9-monthly-refresher injection of PRP into my penis with my specialist, and he noticed my bad posture and that I moved awkwardly and tried to do everything with my left hand.

So he asked me what was the matter and I told him.

He immediately suggested a PRP injection into the injured area in the shoulder, because PRP can work very well in muscle, tendon and ligament – and soft tissue trauma injuries.

Naturally I agreed to go ahead.

And guess what – within 4 weeks I was back to full mobility, and I was able to go back to the gym and resume training after 6 weeks!

So PRP for injury recovery – in my experience personally can work really well. I’ve had it done on an elbow strain a year later and had the same positive result. So I swear by it for any muscle or tissue injury.

Because of my experience I believe your urologist may very well be on the right track.

However – you have to have patience with it.

It takes a while for the body to remove the build-up of plaque, and also there may be a complication because of the steroid injection that was previously done. Give it time and trust in the process.

Most importantly, trust in the self-healing power of your body. Your body is a self-healing mechanism – if you let it do its healing work.

For that you need to stop worrying and agonizing about it, and actively visualize your penis being healed and for the PRP doing its job clearing the plaque away.

Once the plaque has gone you may also consider using a penis pump, your urologist will help you with making an informed decision.

For the immediate situation – that you are full of worry and that the uncertainty of it all is stressing you out which I completely understand – I suggest you invest in some course you can maybe attend, like a meditation class, or a workshop in mindfulness.

Sure, that is not going to immediately fix the physical problem you are facing, but I suspect that your worry, anxiety and stress about it all is making things much worse, and is preventing for your mind to assist your body in healing.

If you don’t have access to a course, workshop or seminar in your area, or you prefer to do this in the privacy of your home, you can check out  

I got the book for myself when I went through an extremely stressful, worrying time of my life I was going through and it helped me a lot to get rid of my stress.

I found the system very easy to learn, literally in under 10 minutes, and it helped me greatly not to worry and be stressed. It’s just an idea – well worth to give it a try.

I hope this has been of help Abdulla, please let me know how you get on and what your progress is.

In the meantime, study that book, it will help you greatly to get rid of the stress and anxiety you are feeling right now my friend.

All the best, Max

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