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Hey, I just found this article about the new PRP-Shot in the New Zealand Herald,

“A new procedure being touted as a cure for flagging sex drive in women has made its way from Hollywood to New Zealand, but would-be users are being warned to do their research before rushing for treatment.

The Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) shot has made its way to New Zealand after featuring in celebrity goody bags at the Academy Awards and after years of being administered in Europe and the United States.

When the shot is used specifically for sexual rejuvenation, it involves a direct injection into a woman’s genitals.

The treatment works by collecting the patient’s own platelets, which are then injected directly into trouble zones in an office-based procedure that takes less than an hour. The shot, which costs $950 a dose, is being targeted at women with sexual dysfunction or low sex drive. The shot can also be effective in treating physical conditions such as incontinence, and in men it can be used to treat erectile dysfunction.Stacey Power in Sunday Star Times Articles

PRP treatment is also used to treat acne, hair loss, and to help wounds heal and improve skin texture. It has been used to treat pelvic pain, back and neck injuries and sprains.

Cosmetic medicine company Ever Young is one provider of the sexual rejuvenation PRP shots in New Zealand. It has been providing the treatment for the past two months.

Founder and registered nurse Stacey Power said she had been trying to get the treatment made available in New Zealand as she thought many women could benefit. She has now been trained in dispensing the treatment and hopes gynaecologists will come on board, too.

But the treatment has prompted a warning from one health professional.

Medical practitioner Frances Pitsilis urged users to be cautious about the treatment which she labelled as a gimmick.

Pitsilis has a background in obstetrics and consults on hormonal issues.

She was sceptical about using platelets to cure low libido, often caused by hormonal changes.

“It’s a multi-factor thing. If you’re looking at the fatigue levels of a young mother, you’re looking at hormonal changes and psycho-social aspects,” she said.

“They’re touting this as an extra tool but not a standalone tool [and] I would wonder about its effects as a standalone treatment. People considering this should consider it as part of a multi-pronged approach.

“I think women should ask questions about what information do I have about the safety and reliability? Has this treatment been studied extensively?”

Power said so far the shot didn’t seem to have side effects, because there was nothing foreign being injected into the body, only the body’s own cells. “The only side effect might be that it might not work for some people.”

End of article….okay, I must say I am a bit disappointed with what this woman Pitsilis had to say, she didn’t really add anything to the information and going on about hormones, which is of course her field so she would bang that drum, wouldn’t she…

Other than trying to “warn and caution” women to try this out she didn’t add any value – but that is just my opinion. Of course it may never be the be-all and end-all for everyone, but it can make a hell of a diffence for a lot of men and women out there.

Just look at what Viagra has done for men all over the world – and THAT comes with side-effects, which PRP is not likely to have because it’s made from your own blood and nothing added.

I suggest you do your own reseaerch and then try it out, then you know!

The article appeared today on the website, read it here and any comments on their website: SUNDAY STAR TIMES ARTICLE

Naturally I felt the need to post a comment under the article on their site, not sure they will publish it, you never know….