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  1. David

    Hi, you wrote that there was a tingling sensation for a few minutes, and that you could get some bruising because you took Omega 3 supplements. Did you get any bruising or other effects? cheers, Dave

  2. PRP Shot Reviewer Post author

    Hi Dave, thanks for your message. No, fortunately there was no bruising or any change in colour, it just felt a little bit swollen for a about 2 hours, but no pian, I suppose it was just the Plasma sitting under the skin and making it’s way into the other layers of the skin. The massaging certainly helped, the swelling or puffiness disappeared. The tingling was just for about 10 minutes. So far no pain or itchniness or anything to complain about. Now I’m basically just waiting till my 4 weeks are over and I can get the next lot of shots, after that it should be pretty awesome 🙂

  3. Orlando Diaz

    Hello! Thank for posting your experiences!
    I have not been able to read the follow up after the 2nd PRP SHOT.
    Also, could you tell us or ilustrare which are the 8 shot-sites that were plasma administered?
    At this date, what’s your overall evaluation/review?

    Thanks for your info

  4. PRP Shot Reviewer Post author

    Hi Orlando, my apologies for answering so late, I’ve been overseas and haven’t checked my Blog. To answer your questions – the effects are long lasting, about 10 – 12 months. I get a refresher shot every 10 months and have good consistent results with it. Erections continue to be long lasting, hard and very satisfactory according to my wife 😉

    For the 8 sites where PRP is administered I found this video which shows it:
    I still think this is vastly superior to Viagra because it is natural – using your own body’s plasma instead of a chemical with known side efefcts.

    If one were to use Viagra regularly that could be more expensive than a once-per-year treatment of PRP shot. i certainly will continue using it.
    Hope this helps…

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