Peyronie’s Disease and PRP-Shot? Does it help?

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I am 34 Yrs Old, and I have been suffering from Peyronies disease since March 2018.

Unfortunately, the condition became worse after my urologist injected me with a steroid injection, which has done nothing with pain but resulted in atrophy for half of my penis.

now, I lost about 1mm of girth and having unstable erections because of this atrophy.

I have seen another urologist who was surprised by this treatment (using the steroid injections!!) and he suggested six sessions of PRP. He said it should help removing my 12mm Plaque, and recover the lost girth from the steroid injection.

It has been two weeks now since I had my first PRP injection, and NO visible changes so far. I am pretty anxious if this is gone work and can’t wait for another two weeks for the second injection.

Do think that it will help regenerating the lost tissues and gain my girth and stable erections back?

Hi X,

thanks for writing in.

I appreciate you being so open with telling me the specifics of your situation.

First up – I deeply sympathize with you, what an upsetting situation you find yourself in! This must be extremely stressful, and cause you a lot of worry and anxiety.

Let me point out that I am not a medical doctor or professional healthcare specialist, I am purely a guy who’s been using PRP for several years successfully, and decided to helping out other men who are thinking of using PRP Shot for various conditions and problems.

So please don’t take my suggestions as being medical advice, I have no medical background or training.

Ok, so you wrote that you suffered from the Peyronies Disease since March 2018.

May I ask if there was a particular incident or accident that may have been the cause of it developing?

I’m sure the various doctors you have consulted will have asked you the same question.

Although most doctors don’t know exactly why Peyronies Disease happens, a lot of researches suggest that the fibrous plaque that is built up and causes it often starts after the penis has been hit or severely bent. The injury or strong bend may have caused internal bleeding inside the penis, and then this resulted in the plaque build-up which causes problems with pain, and erection problems of course.

Now if this was the case with you then to my thinking your current urologist may be on the right track.

The reason why I am saying that is because the PRP shot is a natural product made from your own blood, and what happens is the highly concentrated platelets may potentially encourage your body to heal the injury – if the plaque build-up is like a scar-tissue as a result of a blow or violent bend.

Now the reason why I am saying this is because of several experiences I have had with Platelet-Rich-Plasma injections, which were not given into my penis for stronger erections and a fuller penis – but to heal injuries.

I keep myself fit, and go to the gym 3 times a week. Now as you know, I am an older guy (I am turning 60 this year…), so the danger is always high to hurt myself sometimes while lifting weights.

And this I have done several times, lifting too heavy, or not warming up enough.

On 2 occasions in the last 5 years I hurt myself so bad, that I could not train at the gym any more, but what was worse – I could not lift anything with my right arm, I could not grip, i could not even turn or push down a door-knob – my right arm was basically useless.

I got physiotherapy, acupuncture, anti-inflammatory drugs – and also a steroid injection by my GP – nothing helped.

Then I went for my 9-monthly-refresher injection of PRP into my penis with my specialist, and he noticed my bad posture and that I moved awkwardly and tried to do everything with my left hand.

So he asked me what was the matter and I told him.

He immediately suggested a PRP injection into the injured area in the shoulder, because PRP can work very well in muscle, tendon and ligament – and soft tissue trauma injuries.

Naturally I agreed to go ahead.

And guess what – within 4 weeks I was back to full mobility, and I was able to go back to the gym and resume training after 6 weeks!

So PRP for injury recovery – in my experience personally can work really well. I’ve had it done on an elbow strain a year later and had the same positive result. So I swear by it for any muscle or tissue injury.

Because of my experience I believe your urologist may very well be on the right track.

However – you have to have patience with it.

It takes a while for the body to remove the build-up of plaque, and also there may be a complication because of the steroid injection that was previously done. Give it time and trust in the process.

Most importantly, trust in the self-healing power of your body. Your body is a self-healing mechanism – if you let it do its healing work.

For that you need to stop worrying and agonizing about it, and actively visualize your penis being healed and for the PRP doing its job clearing the plaque away.

Once the plaque has gone you may also consider using a penis pump, your urologist will help you with making an informed decision.

For the immediate situation – that you are full of worry and that the uncertainty of it all is stressing you out which I completely understand – I suggest you invest in some course you can maybe attend, like a meditation class, or a workshop in mindfulness.

Sure, that is not going to immediately fix the physical problem you are facing, but I suspect that your worry, anxiety and stress about it all is making things much worse, and is preventing for your mind to assist your body in healing.

If you don’t have access to a course, workshop or seminar in your area, or you prefer to do this in the privacy of your home, you can check out  

I got the book for myself when I went through an extremely stressful, worrying time of my life I was going through and it helped me a lot to get rid of my stress.

I found the system very easy to learn, literally in under 10 minutes, and it helped me greatly not to worry and be stressed. It’s just an idea – well worth to give it a try.

I hope this has been of help Abdulla, please let me know how you get on and what your progress is.

In the meantime, study that book, it will help you greatly to get rid of the stress and anxiety you are feeling right now my friend.

All the best, Max

Male PRP Shot – Does It Work?

PRP-Shot for Men – Does it Work?

PRP Shot revive your performance

Hi Guys, quick update – this is April 2019 – I’ve added a new page you can check out here: Refresher Injections , because so many of you had questions about refresher injections after 6, 9 or 12 months. Check it out for the info on that.

If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted for a while it’s because I’ve been helping a good friend of mine, Mikael Baner, to create and launch a course about Stress Release, he calls it Unstressed in 10 which I think is brilliant.

You know me, I don’t normally promote or endorse any products or courses.

But this one is different. because he taught me the principles in the course and I’m blown away by it – that is why I decided to help him create and launch it on the net, because I strongly believe we all need help with stress and this is the best Stress Release system i have ever seen.

Why does it matter you might ask if you are on a page about Erectile Dysfunction and PRP Shot??? ?

Well my friend if you haven’t lived under a rock you know that a huge percentage of Erectile Dysfunctions happen because of underlying stress – stress caused by:

financial worries,

anxiety about job security,

performance anxiety,

stress about low self-esteem

stress about not feeling like a good provider

stress about our physical appearance

– you name it – all these nasty things create huge stress, and his course helps eliminate that. So do yourself a big favor and check it out. Unstressedin10 

Ok, now let’s get on with the PRP Shot review, to get you started on that read below my friend:

If you’re a man and curious about the PRP-Shot for men you have come to right place.
I am starting this Blog today on the 5th of March 2015 to do a review on the PRP-Shot for men, and I’m using myself as a guinea-pig.
Yes, I am actually trying it out and giving a step-by-step account of my experience with it. I figured that is the only way I can write an honest review of the PRP –Shot, to have first-hand experience of it.
First up – if you don’t really know what the PRP-Shot for Men is then I suggest you quickly head on over to and check out their article on the PRP-Shot, how and why it works, what it does and the history of it – basically how it came about.

I’m not a scientists nor a doctor so I leave it to the experts to tell you all the detailed stuff on how this works on a scientific level. So quickly read the background stuff and come back to the Blog, will ya? Here are the links:

The Story of the male PRP-Shot: CLICK HERE
Okay, now that you know what I’m talking about – let’s get real here.
All I’m interested in is – does it actually work?
• Does it put “lead in my pencil?”
• What is the procedure like?
• Does it hurt?
• Is it uncomfortable?
• Does your penis swell up immediately?
• How long do you have to wait to see/feel results?
• Are there any side effects?

These are some of the questions I have, and I am sure you have those as well, and a few of more I haven’t mentioned yet.
You may ask – Why am I doing it?
Well, I share with you my motivation of doing it, and maybe you can relate to some of it. I am 55 years old now, and although I keep fit and work out in the gym regularly, eat healthy and watch what I do and eat – I have noticed a considerable drop in libido over the years. PRP shot - worried man

Hell, I’m over 50, it’s normal, isn’t it?

Why bother?

I tell you why.

Because I’m the kind of guy who does bother about my erection, the size of it, whether it stays hard enough, and hard long enough.

Well that’s the long and short of it – pun intended – as you get older you experience “erectile dysfunction” from time to time, and more often the older you get. Or you do get an erection, and it isn’t all that hard or it doesn’t last long enough for you and your partner to really enjoy a good session of steamy sex. PRP Shot droopy banana

If that sounds a bit like you – then you’re welcome, because it pretty much sums it up for me. There , I said it, and I’m honest about it.
Naturally, like so many of us at this stage of life I have used Viagra, and it works fine for me.
I don’t suffer a lot of side-effects. But I don’t like the idea of taking drugs every time I feel like having sex, and I particularly don’t like the time-lag we get with ViagraPRP Shot frustarted woman with stopwatch

it takes between 30 minutes to an hour before your member “stands to attention”, so it is almost a matter of making an appointment with your partner in an hour’s time to have sex – hardly spontaneous, and definitely unromantic when you consider the female perspective for a moment…

So when I heard about the O-Shot™ and how it not only revolutionises women’s sexual experiences and orgasms, but now also gives men new hope of strong, hard and lasting erections my ears pricked up – when is this coming to New Zealand???
Fortunately Dr Brent Krivan of Clinic Eleven is one of the first clinicians to offer this service in New Zealand, it is called PRP-Shot over here, PRP stands for “Platelet-Rich-Plasma” and was made famous through the vampire face lift of Kim Kardashian (yeah she with the BUTT) a while back. So I booked an appointment, and here is my experience:
Dr Brent Krivan explained the procedure in detail to me, and he also pointed out how important it is to note down on the Patient Form any medication or supplements you take.

It’s not just the meds you take, it is also some of the “good herbal stuff” you may take that may interfere. We keep forgetting that all this wonderful “natural stuff” has an effect on our body – and on one level we want that. However, I take Omega 3 Fishoil on a daily basis – hey, Fish Oil is good for you, right?

Yeah of course it is, I’m not knocking it. But as Brent pointed out – if you do take it, stop it a week out from having the procedure done because it may possibly result in some bruising on your penis.

Good to know… so please be very open about what you take, and don’t just mention prescription drugs, tell your specialist about all of the supplements you may take because some may interfere with the procedure – and we wouldn’t want that !!!
Brent proceeded to explain that a small vial of blood is taken off to give about 4ml of Plasma. This is taken of my own blood of course and it is taken from my arm, put through a centrifuge to separate the Plasma from the Blood, then that Plasma is injected into 8 spots under the skin of the penis.

Sounds painful, right? I can see you shrivelling up in a chair with your hands over your crown-jewels right now   🙂 . Well – I was breaking out in a bit of a sweat myself to tell you the truth!
The blood-drawing was done expertly by Wendy Krivan who works alongside Brent at their clinic. While she proceeded to run the blood through the centrifuge Brent explained that the procedure was quite painless as the needles used for the injections are the thPRP Shot tough guyinnest and sharpest available, they are used for Botox injections and insulin injections as well.

If I preferred I could have some numbing cream applied as a local anaesthetic.

Naturally, tough guy that I am, I declined that offer…

Actually, as much as I want you to believe I am that tough guy – well, I thought – if I want to do a review it needs to be real, so I need to know if it is painful or not. I could always scream for the anaesthetic later, right?

When Wendy came back Brent showed me the vial which now clearly was separated into the dark red blood at the bottom and the plasma at the top.That is the plasma

He pulled the plasma into several very small syringes with tiny thin needles at the top. He then marked 8 spots on my penis with a black marker to ensure he wouldn’t inject into any blood vessels. Wendy gave me a small rubber ball to squeeze with my hand and as Brent started to inject the plasma.

Wendy kept tapping with her finger onto one of my shinbones to distract me – that worked well. I kept concentrating on the tapping and squeezing that rubber ball hard and NOT thinking that needles were injected into my most prized possession.

On a scale of 1 – 10, where 10 would be the most excruciating pain, I’d say it was a 1, and I truly didn’t need a local anaesthetic cream applied. But if you get it done and you may feel a bit more sensitive down there then there is absolutely no shame in using the anaesthetic cream.

What was the actual sensation of the Plasma going in?

I could feel a tiny prick (yes pun intended again!) but not painful, and then a cooling, slightly tingling feeling as the plasma spread under my skin. The tingling disappeared after about 10 minutes and Brent recommended that I go home and massage the penis gently to help spread and distribute the plasma evenly under the skin – (the same way they careful massage it into the face when they do facial rejuvenation injections with PRP). I was thinking of asking my wife to do that massaging for me….

So – the verdict so far – very little discomfort, most of it more in mind than for real (being apprehensive about the idea of having needles stuck into my penis).

No side-effects whatsoever, it was to be expected since it was my own blood injected back into me. A slight tingling, cooling sensation the first 10 minutes, now I don’t feel anything different several hours afterwards. And 8 black spots of permanent marker looking like a weird tattoo, which will come off in the shower of course.

“Could I try and use it straight away?”

Brent suggested if one were to go on a “night on the town” to definitely use condoms, but if you have sex with your regular partner then there are no other precautions necessary.

So far so good, no problems, no issues, no pain, no discomfort.

First positive results are expected in about 3 weeks, and in about 4 weeks another set of injections will be done to boost the result. Then another one after that, and if I’m happy with the increase in performance I get out of it – a refresher is recommended in 12 months.

I keep you posted on progress. Feel free to comment or email me if you have a question. Remember I’m not a doctor, just a regular guy who is trying it out, so I can only tell you what it feels like and what it does for me.

Check back on the Blog from time to time to find out how well this new miracle-procedure works. I can’t wait to share my results with you.

Until next time,

Max Signature
Your PRP-Reviewer

PRP Shot - woman searching for erection

Update 7 March – exactly 1 month after the first injections :

PRP shot penis vectorI had my second lot of injections 5 days ago and can report – fantastic result!

Within 2 days I had much stronger erections, and they are longer lasting as well. My wife is very impressed and happy with the result and she particularly likes the fact there is no waiting time any more as it was with Viagra. My penis gets very hard quickly, and stays hard for 20 – 30 minutes if needed, not bad for a 55 year old male wouldn’t you say …

I can wholeheartedly recommend this treatment if you suffer from erectyle disfunction and don’t want to use Viagra all the time.

My Verdict on PRP-Shot Penis Injections:

  • Works out cheaper in the long run than Viagra
  • No more waiting 1 hour for Viagra to work
  • No side effects because it’s your own Plasma
  • Stronger, longer lasting erections within a month
  • It’s a natural procedure without any drugs or chemicals
  • It is perfectly safe when performed by a suitably qualified medical practicioner.

Check it out – you won’t regret it!

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